Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd. was formed on 9th Nov, 1998.


SERVICES WE PROVIDE                                          


Southern Online is a Class-B licensee which can offer Internet Services in Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle.  Its presence is in more than 21 locations in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh States.

·         Internet Services


               i.        Internet Leased Line

              ii.        Internet Broadband


The quality of service benchmarks


Southern Online is committed to provide best service to its customers and comply with the quality benchmarks as prescribed by TRAI or set forth by itself from time to time.


(A) Quality of service benchmarks as admissible to consumers for Internet services.


The following benchmarks are prescribed

S. No. (1)

Service Parameter                        (2)

Time Limit for service request or Redressal of complaint  (3)              


Provision of Internet Service

All cases within five days (subject to technical feasibility)


Fault Repair

All the cases within three days for urban areas and all the cases within five  days for rural/ hilly areas (subject to technical feasibility)


Shift of Connection

Within three days



Within 7 days.


Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved within four weeks



Time taken for refund of deposits if any after closure

Within sixty days after closure.

(B) The bench marks as admissible to consumers for broadband service is as below.

S No.

Service Parameter

Time Limit for service request or redressal of complaint


Service Provisioning
/Activation Time

All cases within fifteen days (subject to technical feasibility).


Fault Repair / Restoration Time

Within three days


Billing Performance (a) Percentage of Billing Complaints resolved. (b) Time taken for refund of deposits after closure

(a) All billing complaints to be resolved within four weeks.
(b) All cases of refund of deposits to be made within sixty days after closure.


D. Capability Developed and Being Performed to Meet the Benchmarks.


1.    Southern Online strives to provide uninterrupted internet services to the valuable customers. We do have an extensive grass root level Fault Restoration System (FRS) to book the complaints and ensure prompt rectification of any fault. Consumer has only to call Local Number 040-44341900 for booking and “no delay” restoration of fault.

2.    Consumers can use following toll free “consumer care numbers” for booking their complaints at our Complaint Centers (Call Centers) 1800-102-2349

3.    Consumers can call 040-44341999 for providing general information to the consumers.


Consequent upon the replacement of Telecom Consumers Protection and Redressal of Grievance Regulations, 2007 by TRAI’s new Regulations called the Telecom Consumers Complaint Redressal Regulations, 2012; Southern Online has now replaced three tier Complaint Redressal Mechanism by two tier system by doing away with Nodal Officer. Under these Regulations, every complaint at Complaint Centre (Call Centre) shall be registered by giving Unique Docket Number, which will remain in the system for at least three months.

Every Complaint Centre (Call Centre) shall -

a) At the time of registering of complaint,

1.    Communicate, through SMS, to the consumer the docket number, date and time of registration of the complaint and the time within which the complaint is likely to be resolved; and

2.    Update the system with date and time of registration of the complaint, docket number, the telephone number of the consumer and the time indicated to the consumer for resolution of the complaint;

b) On completion of action on a complaint,

1.    Communicate to the consumer, through SMS, of Redressal of the complaint along with action taken on the complaint; and

2.    Update the system with details of action taken.

If the consumer is not satisfied with the Redressal of his complaint by the Complaint Centre or, if his complaint remains unaddressed or no intimation of Redressal of his complaint is received within the period specified, such consumer may prefer an appeal to the Appellate Authority through e-mail or FAX or post on in person within a period of 30 days after expiry of time limit specified for Redressal of grievance.

Appellate Authority may entertain an appeal even after expiry of said period of 30 days but before three months after expiry of time limit specified for Redressal of grievance.
Two member Advisory Committee comprised of one member from Consumer Organization registered with the Authority


Shri R. Prabhakar Rao (President) .
Society for Health and Agricultural in Rural Environment (SHARE),
D.No.7-11-208/1, Pragathi Nagar, Kothagudem-507101, Badradri Kothagudem District, Teleangana
Email: - Mobile: 09491357917, 09989747370


 And other member from Southern Online


Mr. B. N. Swamy,

GM ISP Division,

Flat# A3, 3rd Floor,

Samrat Complex Office Block,

Saifabad, Hyderabad,


India – Pincode 500004.

Tel: +914023241999

Fax: +914023241444



Has been set up in Andhra Pradesh Service Area to offer an advice on all such appeals preferred to the Appellate Authority



E. Contact Detail of Appellate Authority.

Name and designation of the Appellate Authority along with his contact telephone number, FAX number, e-mail id and office addresses is displayed in his office, Complaint Centre (Call Centre) and Customer Service Centre (CSC) and can also be seen on Southern Online website.

Details of Public Grievance Appellate Authority


K V Butchi Babu,

Deputy General Manager

Flat# A3, 3rd Floor,

Samrat Complex Office Block,

Saifabad, Hyderabad,

Telangana, India, Pincode 500004.

Tel: +914023241999

Fax: +914023241444



In addition to the above, changes in Appellate Authority is also published in two leading newspapers, one in Hindi or English and other in the local language of service area within 7 days of appointment of Appellate Authority beside update the Southern Online website.

F. How we Monitor and Evaluate


1.    Southern Online has established “Web based Complaint Monitoring System” to enable the consumers to monitor the status of their complaints in their respective Service Areas. Details about address & process for booking and monitoring the complaints on “Web Based Monitoring System” has been published in a leading newspaper in Hindi or English and in a Leading newspaper in Local language of service area at the time of establishment of “Web Based Monitoring System” and also through bills issued by Southern Online.

2.    Southern Online also continues to make available such information in the bills and also publishes once in six months in the newspapers in the manner prescribed as (a) above.

3.    Any change in the address, of the “Web Based Complaint Monitoring System” shall also be intimated to the consumers in the same manner as (a) above.

** The details about address & process for booking & monitoring the complaints on “Web Based Monitoring System.
Step-1. Open Southern Online website i.e.
Step-2. Click on Customer Care. The following format will appear on the screen.

New Service Request

Complaint Booking


Status of Appeal

Register for New Services

For Booking Dockets

For Tracking Service Requests/ Complaint Bookings

For Tracking APPEAL Docket Status




Appeal Status Only


Step-3. Choose & Click on Leasedline/Broadband for New Service Request, Complaint Booking & for Tracking Status of Service Request /Complaint booking/ Appeals.

Step-4. Select the Area and use on line services without registration or with registration.


G. Suggestions and Continuous Improvement in the system

Consumers can give their feedback and suggestions for further improvement in the services to Manager (ISP) on his email id Southern Online strives to evaluate feedback received from the consumers either in form of grievances or suggestions and makes necessary improvement in the system to maintain the standards of the services. TRAI also issues guidelines to improve the system. Valuable suggestions given by the consumers are duly considered while reviewing “Telecom Consumers Charter of Southern Online”.



·         Right to select operator of your choice.

·         Right to get information regarding tariff before provision of service and every time the tariff is changed, especially adversely affecting the consumer.

·         Right to be informed about charges, validity period and the procedure to unsubscribe before activation of any service, which is chargeable.

·         Right for stoppage of all commercial calls/SMS fully or partially.

·         Right to get the rebate of rental in case of continuous disruption of service for more than 3 days.

·         To seek legal remedy in case the grievances of the consumer is not settled.

·         To get refund of security deposit if any within 60 days of request of termination of service subject to adjustment of pending dues, if any.

·         Right of consumers for termination or disconnection of service: The consumer can get the service offered by Southern Online terminated or disconnected any point of time by applying to the local Southern Online office. The consumer is, however obliged to make payment of all the bills in respect of services availed by him.

·         Any consumer may, at any time,


1.    during pendency of Redressal of his grievance, whether by filing of complaint or appeal, under these regulations; or

2.    before or after filing of complaint or appeal, under these regulations,

Exercise his right conferred upon him under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986(68 of 1986) or any other law for the time being in force and seek Redressal of his grievance under that Act or law.



Our telecom services are offered subject to the following general terms and conditions:

1.    The services are for bonafide use of the customer/his family/organization.

2.    Any person, including foreign national with valid passport, who is major( In case of minor , through guardian) can apply for an internet service.

3.    The subscriber shall not allow use of the internet service offered to him for any unlawful activity.

4.    The provision of service is subject to the directions issued by Government Of India or any Statutory authority from time to time.

5.    The internet services are meant for specified location and the subscriber is not authorized to shift the same without permission of Southern Online.

6.    The services are offered subject to regular payment of bills by the subscriber failing which Southern Online may suspend temporarily or disconnect or withdraw the service at its sole discretion.

7.    While Southern Online shall endeavor to ensure un-interrupted service of reasonable quality, it cannot be held responsible for any deficiency or interruption in service due to reasons beyond its control.

8.    Southern Online at its sole discretion may revise the tariff rate subject to TRAI regulations.

9.    The services can be suspended without prior notice by Southern Online in the interest of public safety or maintenance of law and order or other such exigencies.

Note: In addition to above, terms and conditions specific to any service or service area including Tariff are available along with the Application Forms or can be had from local Southern Online offices or downloaded from our website


J. Information about Customer Service Centre.

More than 15 Customer Service Centers are operational in urban and rural areas in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.




Registered And Corporate Office:

A3, 3rd Floor, Samrat Complex Office Block, Saifabad, Hyderabad-500 004, Telangana, India.
Phone: +91 40 2324 1999, Fax: +91 40 2324 1444, E-Mail:

ISP Division: Flat# A3, 3rd Floor, Samrat Complex Office Block, Saifabad, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Pincode: 500004.